Question: How many types of equilateral triangles are there?

The equilateral triangle is considered as a regular polygon or a regular triangle as angles are equal and sides are also equal. The triangles are categorized into three different types based on their sides.The equilateral triangle is considered as a regular polygon

What are the 3 types of triangles?

Lets start with the three types of triangles that are categorized by the measure of their largest angle. These are the acute, right, and obtuse triangles.

What is two triangles together called?

In geometry, an isosceles triangle is a triangle that has two sides of equal length. Sometimes it is specified as having exactly two sides of equal length, and sometimes as having at least two sides of equal length, the latter version thus including the equilateral triangle as a special case.

What do the 3 triangles mean?

The Valknut Meaning The nine points of the triangle have been associated with the nine worlds of Norse mythology, and the three interconnected triangles have been said to reflect the connection between Earth, Heaven and Hell. The symbol has also been associated with ecstatic Seidr magic, of which Odin was a master.

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