Question: What were the 5 giants It was meant to combat?

The Attlee governments radical agenda, after all, basically enacted every recommendation made by eccentric patrician liberal reformer Sir William Beveridge, who exceeded his simple brief – to survey the countrys social insurance programmes – with a wide range of suggestions aimed at eradicating what he called the ...

What were 5 Giants?

The Five Giantswant (caused by poverty)ignorance (caused by a lack of education)squalor (caused by poor housing)idleness (caused by a lack of jobs, or the ability to gain employment)disease (caused by inadequate health care provision)

What did William Beveridges report say?

The Beveridge Report aimed to provide a comprehensive system of social insurance from cradle to grave. It proposed that all working people should pay a weekly contribution to the state. In return, benefits would be paid to the unemployed, the sick, the retired and the widowed.

Was Beveridges Welfare State a success?

Although it was a complex document of more than 300 pages, the publication of the Beveridge Report was a huge success. The first postwar election, in June 1945, resulted in a landslide victory for the Labour Party, who were enthusiastic supporters of the Beveridge Report.

Who first said cradle to grave?

Churchill Churchill, the leader of the Conservative Party, coined the phrase from the Cradle to the Grave in a radio broadcast in March 1943 to describe the need for some form of social insurance to give security to every class of citizen in the state.

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