Question: Is BTS universe story real?

Created by Netmarble in collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment, BTS Universe Story centers around one of the more complex elements of BTS: The Bangtan Universe. An interwoven ecosystem of content, the Bangtan Universe tells a fantasy-infused fictional narrative of seven friends navigating young adulthood.

Is there BTS in Universe app?

BTS Universe Story is the second BTS mobile game after BTS World that launched last year. BTS Universe Story mobile game is now available to play on Android and iOS.

Is BTS Universe Story launched?

Fans of BTS can now enter the bands creative universe in the new game BTS Universe Story, which launched globally on Thursday (Sept. 24) in South Korea (Wednesday, Sept. 23 in the U.S.).

Do we need to pay for BTS Universe Story?

The seven superstars of BTS will be under the virtual control of their fans (aka BTS Army) in the all-new game interactive game “BTS Universe Story,” which will soon be available for fans to download free. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store (at this link) and Google Play (at this link).

Who created BTS universe?

Big Hit Entertainment The BTS Universe, also known as the Bangtan Universe or BU, is an alternate universe created by Big Hit Entertainment that winds through the groups output.

What is the BTS Webtoon called?

0: SAVE ME 0: SAVE ME) is a South Korean webtoon collaboratively produced by Big Hit Entertainment and Naver Webtoons digital content subsidiary LICO. A namesake of South Korean boy band BTSs 2016 song Save Me, it ran from January 17 to April 11, 2019, consisting of 15 episodes plus one prologue.

Why did SuperStar BTS get deleted?

Superstar players were notified the game was shutting down on Thursday, May 7. Gamers arent entirely sure why the game is shutting down, but based on the games Twitter account, it seems as though the program was consistently experiencing bugs and glitches.

Did BTS have girlfriends?

After all, ever since this K-pop group debuted in June 2013, none of its members has ever come out to the public with a relationship. This is likely due to a common practice in the South Korean pop music industry, which keeps members of boy and girl bands from dating publicly in order to protect their careers.

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