Question: What happens in chapter 11 of Dracula?

Summary: Chapter XI Seward return to the Westenra residence. They are greeted by Lucys mother, who tells them that during the night she removed all the “horrible, strong-smelling flowers” from Lucys room and opened the windows to let in fresh air. After Mrs. Westenra leaves the room, Van Helsing nearly crumbles.

Who dies in Chapter 11 of Dracula?

Lucys mother is dead, partly covered with a white sheet. Lucy herself is unconscious, her throat bare, the two white wounds horribly mangled, and Lucy lifeless as a corpse.

WHO proposes to Lucy in Dracula?

Arthur Holmwood All three propose to her on the same day—Arthur Holmwood, the wealthy son of Lord Godalming; Quincey Morris, an American; and Dr John Seward, a psychiatrist—and she chooses Holmwood. She is prone to sleepwalking and is attacked by Dracula, who gradually drains her of her blood until it eventually proves fatal.

Why does Dracula go after Lucy?

He tells her that, out of the countless humans he has fed upon over the centuries, Lucy is the only one who consented to it. She longs to be a vampire, finding the mundanities of the living to be frightfully boring, so Dracula kills her and waits for her to awaken as one of the undead.

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