Question: Should you pull Schwarz?

Only if you want Schwarz. Schwarz is an incredibly powerful Operator – arguably the first real “bosskiller” released in the game – and she is also extremely popular among the fanbase. Its very valid to want her and shes well worth pulling for.

Is Eyjafjalla worth?

The answer is, YES! This banner is very important because good AoE Casters are super important in the game. Eyjafjalla especially is one of the best in the game, if not the best.

How good is Eyjafjalla?

Overall, Eyjafjalla is best described as a Splash Caster under the guise of a Core Caster, and one of the best Casters. Her ability to provide both focused and spread DPS, often both at the same time, makes Eyjafjalla a solid Caster that can be used in all operations.

Is CH EN good Arknights?

Chen is an exceptional DPS Operator that can deal high damage when placed beside Defenders, & is also dependable when used during the early stages of an operation. While there are many good Guards, Chens high ATK makes pulling for her worth it.

Should I pull for W?

Yes, but make SURE you know what youre pulling. W is the second limited Operator in Arknights, and while she is very good, she is not essential.

How strong is W Arknights?

Overall, W is undoubtedly the ultimate Bombardier Sniper in Arknights. Her extreme rarity is counteracted by her ability to do massive damage to multiple enemies unfortunate enough to cross into her sights – so long as Doctors can forgive her past transgressions against Rhodes Island.

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