Question: Does Ethan stay a dragon?

Ethan ends up on the dragons back and they glide in the sky. The dragon continues speaking his philosophy and how he doesnt have the needs of flawed humans. Ethan vows that the dragon dies by his hand for what he did to his loved one and stabs the dragon with his sword.

What happens to Ethan after he becomes a dragon?

Disgusted, he dismisses what the dragon says and accuses it of killing simply for its own amusement. The dragon denies this, pointing out that killing humans is simply in its nature, as natural to it as breathing is to a human. It finally goads Ethan on to kill it, and with the help of Hannah, he succeeds.

Does the arisen become the dragon?

Fate of defeated Arisen Because of his defeat, he was transformed into a dragon and set forth to find a new Arisen. In the ending Servitude the Arisen receives this fate if they fail to defeat the Seneschal in combat; in Dark Arisen the Arisen Grette also has this fate.

How do you beat the Ur Dragon?

Hire two high-level Striders or Rangers. Together with your Main Pawn, your whole team will combine to beat the Ur-Dragon within the Grace Period. If the Grace dragon has wing tip hearts, the pawns will have to shoot and kill those hearts (or hit them with spells if a pawn is a Mage or Sorcerer).

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