Question: Why is Fist of the North Star popular?

Why is Fist of the North Star so popular?

One of the reasons Fist of the North Star is considered to be so influential is because of its depiction of violence, which went on to inspire many other important mangaka, like Berserks Kentaro Miura, in incorporating the same kind of ultraviolence in their works -- solidifying the model for which popular shonen ...

Is Fist of the North Star violent?

Extremely violent, bloody, gory. Kenshiro takes down enemies using his fists, feet, weapons and some over-the-top moves that may leave someone with an exploding head.

Is Fist of the North Star okay for kids?

This is the best adult anime ever created. It is definitely not for kids either due to: blood, violence, and gore.

Is Fist of the North Star on Netflix?

Fist of the North Star: The Legend of Kenshiro | Netflix.

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