Question: How does Tayo complete his ceremony?

As he looks at the gaping hole left in the earth, Tayo realizes that this is the last station of his ceremony, the one where he incorporates an element of white culture, the mine. All he has to do is to spend the night there and the ceremony will be complete.

What is the last step in the ceremony that Tayo has to perform?

He had only seen and heard the world as it always was: no boundaries. Tayo realizes this site is the final stage of his ceremony. If he can survive the night, he will return to the elders and the ceremony will be complete. He lies in the hole for hours, until car headlights rouse him.

When old Betonie sends Tayo off to complete the ceremony he tells him to look for?

Betonie performs a Scalp Ceremony for Tayo to return him to life and happiness. But the ceremony isnt over. Tayo needs to be careful because the witchery will try to prevent him from completing it. Tayo leaves to go searching for the spotted cattle, but he is distracted by Harley and Leroy, who take him drinking.

What is the theme of ceremony?

In her novel Ceremony Leslie Marmon Silko explores several themes through Tayos struggles with alcoholism and healing after returning from WWII, the Pueblo myths, and the interactions between these two stories. The first major theme Silko delves into is that of unity and oneness.

Why is storytelling important in ceremony?

The Importance of Storytelling Traditionally, Native American cultural is oral, and everything from biology to history to morality to medicine is passed on in the form of stories. Stories have the power to heal: they contain the rituals and ceremonies that can cure individuals and communities.

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