Question: Is another Eden good 2020?

Graphics – 6/10 – This game is not designed to be a graphical masterpiece. Instead, Another Eden goes out of its way to bring charm, curiosity, and adventure to a more chibi style of story telling. Story – 10/10 – This is truly a masterpiece when to comes to text based JRPG stories.

Is another Eden worth it Reddit?

I highly recommend the game, its my 2nd main game and I plan to continue playing this one for a long time. There arent any timed events, so you can come and go as you please, and not miss much if anything.

Is another Eden gacha?

Put bluntly, yes, Another Eden is a gacha game. However, the entire game does not ride on gacha elements. While you will have to roll to unlock new characters, that is as much gacha as the game has. Compared to other games, Another Eden doesnt rely on gacha for other elements such as power-up materials.

Who should I encounter first in another Eden?

Question: Which First Encounter unit should you choose in Another Eden? Answer: We recommend going with either Miyu or Ciel. But since you can get Miyu as a pre-register bonus for free, Ciel is the best choice.

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