Question: Who is Yasuos voice actor?

League of Legends. Hey everyone! Maleok here after a brief hiatus with an interview with the extraordinarily talented voice of Yasuo, Liam OBrien!

Is Liam OBrien married?

Amy Kincaidm. 2002 Liam OBrien/Spouse

Who is Yasuos va?

Liam OBrien is the voice of Yasuo in League of Legends, and Tomokazu Sugita is the Japanese voice.

Is Yasuo a Gaara?

Did you know? Yasuo is voiced by Liam OBrien, The person who voiced Gaara in Naruto, and one of the famous American voice actors around the world.

Who is the voice of Gaara?

Akira Ishida Liam OBrien Gaara/Voice actors

Are Liam and Sam together?

Former Married at First Sight groom Liam Cooper has made his new boyfriend Instagram official to the delight of his celebrity followers. Cooper confirmed that he was dating socialite Sam Levi in a heartwarming Instagram post, writing about how he “came into my life when I least expected it”.

Is Gaaras voice actor the same as Yasuo?

League of Legends. Liam is credited with over 300 voice acting credits on IMDB and is widely known for his work on such characters as: Gaara (Naruto), Yasuo (League of Legends), Illidan Stormrage (World of Warcraft), Jushiro Ukitake (Bleach), and 50 different voices in Fallout New Vegas.

Are Liam and Sam Best Friends?

Our very own Sam Riegel and Liam OBrien are best friends that have to make special plans to hang out due to their busy careers, fatherhood, and everything else in between.

Has Sam from mafs found love?

Her marriage to Cameron Dunne was disastrous to say the least, but Married At First Sight bride Samantha Harvey has found love with new boyfriend, Jesse.

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