Question: Is university gold medal really gold?

As stated above, this years medals are made from material recycled from electronic devices donated by the people of Japan. However, Olympic gold medals are required to be made from at least 92.5% silver, and must contain a minimum of six grams of gold.

Who gets university gold medal?

17.5 The candidate who secured highest CGPA among eligible candidates (as per criterion 1-4 above) shall be awarded Gold Medal. place of decimal of CGPA shall stand higher in rank. (b) The candidate with highest actual marks/scores obtained in final year shall stand higher in rank.

How do you win a university medal?

The University Medal is awarded to honours students based on outstanding academic performance over their complete student enrolment. This includes your honours award and your undergraduate studies. You may be nominated for a medal by your discipline with a decision made by the Honours Board of Examiners.

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