Question: Do arena kills count apex?

The fact kills are not even added to your legend is a huge hit. A tracker page for just arena mode is not enough imo. Ive spent more time in a arena match then i have a ranked match already. This is a good 25 minute game of going neck and neck against the other team.

How kills are counted in Apex?

A kill in Apex Legends completely revolves around whoever knocks a player down. If you knock someone down, you wont get the kill until their squad is wiped or theyve been killed while down. It doesnt matter who kills the person while theyre down, only who knocked them down.

Do assists count as kills in Apex?

Assists are not kills or deaths.

Does Bloodhound get assists?

Apex Legends News on Twitter: Bloodhound: No longer receives assists from Eye of the Allfather.…

Does Bloodhound get assists for scans?

Bloodhound ranked nerf The most significant change up to Bloodhound in ranked is removing his scans being counted as assists. The active nature of Cryptos drone scan is notably different from the passive option with Bloodhound.

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