Question: How did Sula view death?

Why does everyone die in Sula?

The community of the Bottom regards Sulas death as a good omen. They go to the burial to verify for themselves that the witch is indeed in the ground. At first, her passing seems to herald good things. There are rumors that black workers will be hired for the construction of the tunnel under the river.

What were Sulas last thoughts as she died?

Yet she doesnt feel any need for oxygen—shes dead. Sula smiles—death “didnt even hurt.” Her last words (or thoughts) are, “Waitll I tell Nel.” In a way, Sula has always “turned away from the window”—in other words, avoided commitments to other people, especially to her family.

What did Sula die from?

When she loses her grip, the boy falls into a nearby river and drowns. They never tell anyone about the accident even though they did not intend to harm the boy. The two girls begin to grow apart. One day, in an accident, Sulas mothers dress catches fire and she dies of the burns.

What does Nel realize at the end?

Only at the end of the novel, when Sula is dead, does Nel come to understand the deep rift in her life without Sula. She finally expresses her repressed feeling for Sula — the ball of fur broke and scattered — and realizes that it wasnt Jude she was longing for; it was Sula.

What does Nel realize about herself?

As Nel thinks back to that day—of her self-control and her ability to calm Sula down—she realizes that what she had thought was maturity, serenity, and compassion was only the tranquility that follows a joyful stimulation (1965.58).

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