Question: Where is Suzuki Alto made?

What engine is in a Suzuki Alto?

Suzuki only offers the Alto with one engine – a 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol unit. Like the similar unit in the Skoda Citigo, the 68bhp unit is a smooth and eager performer. Combined with slick five-speed manual gearbox it allows the Suzuki to sprint from 0-62mph in 13.5 seconds.

Is the Suzuki Alto still made?

UK Alto sales stopped in 2002, but restarted with the sixth generation a year later. That model was dropped in 2006.

Who manufactures Alto cars?

Maruti Suzuki Alto The Maruti Suzuki Alto is a city car manufactured and marketed by Suzuki through its subsidiary Maruti Suzuki primarily for the Indian market since 2000.

Are Suzuki Altos good?

Very good first car. Bought this car in Feb 2020, around 14 years old but the mileage was low, used it for shopping, motorways, long journeys and havent disappointed me at all. inside storage space is little small but for a first car it is the best car, very reliable and easy to drive, park and run.

Why was Suzuki Alto discontinued?

Maruti Suzuki has discontinued the Alto K10 in India. The model, which was not updated to comply with the BS6 emission norms, has been removed from the brands official website. The Maruti Alto K10 was powered by a 1.0-litre K10B petrol engine that produced 67bhp and 90Nm of torque.

What is the safest inexpensive car?

Safest Cheap Cars for Teens:Toyota Camry.Honda Accord.Subaru Forester.Mazda 6.Nissan Altima.Toyota Corolla.Kia K5.Honda Insight. •21 Apr 2021

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