Question: What I know about the kojiki and nihongi?

The Kojiki and Nihon Shoki of Japan are the two oldest written documents that chronicle the history of the country. It is the oldest extant chronicle in Japan written by Ō no Yasumaro (a Japanese nobleman, bureaucrat, and chronicler), on the request from the Empress Gemmei.

What is Kojiki Nihongi?

The Nihongi, or Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan), is one of the earliest and most important sources of Japanese mythology. Along with the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters), it provides most of the myths and legends from the early periods of Japanese history up to the death of Empress Jitô in a.d. 697.

What is the significance of the Kojiki and the Nihongi?

The Kojiki and Nihongi -- What are the Kojiki and the Nihongi, and when were they written? The Kojiki are the records of Ancient Matters, and the Nihongi are the chronicles of Japan.

What describe Nihongi?

The Nihon Shoki (Chronicle of Japan and also known as the Nihongi) is an official history of Japan which was written by a committee of court scholars in 720 CE. It is a compilation of myths and legends concerning the Shinto gods and episodes from the reigns of the early emperors.

What does the Kojiki talk about?

The Kojiki is an important source book for ceremonies, customs, divination, and magical practices of ancient Japan. It includes myths, legends, and historical accounts of the imperial court from the earliest days of its creation up to the reign of Empress Suiko (628).

What is kojiki creation story?

The creation story goes on to recount Izanamis death and Izanagis pursuit of her to the underworld, or the Nether Regions. The creation account of the Kojiki contains a number of elements that are important to Japanese culture.

Is Nihongo easy to learn?

In short, Japanese is one of the more difficult languages for a native English speaker to learn. It takes much dedication and time. Learning the kana and how to pronounce the syllables is relatively easy, the grammar is about in the middle between easy and difficult, and the kanji is very hard.

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