Question: How much does Naomi Watanabe weigh?

Shes also literally huge. At 220 pounds, the 29-year-old comedian is double the average weight of Japanese women her age.

Does Naomi Watanabe speak English?

Watanabe knows that not speaking English is a barrier that could get in the way of her worldwide domination. “Im working on improving,” she tells me, and shes started writing bilingual Instagram captions. Even if you dont speak Japanese, she uses everything she can to garner a laugh.

How big is Beyoncés fan base?

At 36, Beyonce alone has amassed a large fan base with more than 113 million followers on Instagram and a personal net worth of $350 million, according to Forbes list of Americas Wealthiest Self-Made Women. Jay-Z, dubbed one of hip-hops richest acts, has attained an equally impressive net worth of $810 million.

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