Question: What is the continent of Laurasia?

Laurasia, ancient continental mass in the Northern Hemisphere that included North America, Europe, and Asia (except peninsular India). Its existence was proposed by Alexander Du Toit, a South African geologist, in Our Wandering Continents (1937).

What continents countries make up Gondwanaland and Laurasia?

a large supercontinent that existed in the northern hemisphere before it began to break up ~200 million years ago, consisting of the modern day continents of North America, Europe and Asia. an east-west trending ocean that separated Gondwandland from Laurasis.

What continents did the laurasia broke into?

Laurasia is thought to have fragmented into the present continents of North America, Europe, and Asia some 66 million to 30 million years ago, an interval that spans the end of the Cretaceous Period and much of the Paleogene Period.

Is the supercontinent?

A supercontinent is a landmass made up of most or all of Earths land. By this definition the landmass formed by present-day Africa and Eurasia could be considered a supercontinent. The most recent supercontinent to incorporate all of Earths major—and perhaps best-known—landmasses was Pangea.

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