Question: What is kinmedai sushi?

It is known as kinmedai (金目鯛) or golden eye snapper in sushi and Japanese cuisine. Served at traditional Edomae sushi restaurants, this fish is usually aged for 2 to 3 days after being dispatched using the ikejime technique.

What is Kinmedai in Japanese?

Kinmedai (金目鯛)is the Japanese name for these red fish with large eyes. Kinme (金目) means golden eye in Japanese, and dai (鯛)is the Japanese word for sea bream (although kinmedai are actually unrelated to sea bream). In English, the fish are called splendid alfonsino.

What is madai sashimi?

Madai is often called red sea bream or Japanese sea bream. Its considered a type of shiromi, or white fish. Sushi restaurants often offer madai as nigiri or sashimi. Grilled, simmered, and fried madai are also popular. This madai sushi & sashimi post is part of an informative sushi and sashimi guide.

What is sea bream sushi?

Sea Bream, Pagrus major, is known as Madai in Japan. It is prized for its flavor and for being the celebration fish, served at special occasions dating back thousands of years. Madai is known for its beautiful, coppery-red color and large head with a curved back profile.

What is Tai fish in English?

Primarily in Western markets, the sushi labeled as tai is often red snapper (Pagrus major). Red snapper is actually called madai (which translates to true tai). The tai used in Japanese sushi refers to Japanese snapper (Paracaesio caerulea).

What type of fish is Tai?

Japanese Sea Bream Tai (鯛 / Japanese Sea Bream) Category: Shiromi (white fish). Season: winter to spring. There are over ten different types of tai found in Japanese waters, but madai is the varietal preferred for sushi.

What is Shiromi sushi?

Shiromi Sushi is a generic name for any kind of sushi, which has a piece of white-fleshed fish as the topping. The white fish on offer will depend on what is in season. Typical whitefish used includes Sea Bream, Amber Jack, Flounder, Sea Bass, Yellowtail, and Yellow Jack.

How do you make sushi Kohada?

To prepare kohada for sushi, first brush away any scales with the knife being careful not to damage the skin. Slice off the head and tail. Cut open the belly and remove any innards. Wedge your knife between the spine and the fishs back flesh and slice down the body to remove the spine.

What fish is whitefish in sushi?

You can call yourself a sushi expert if youre able to recognize which fish it is just by looking at the cut. As for Shiromi (white fish) served in the form of Nigiri sushi, there are Hirame, Tai, Makogarei, Hoshigarei, Kanpachi, Kinmedai, Suzuki, Shima aji, Hiramasa, Isaki, Fugu, Nodoguro, Sawara, Buri, etc.

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