Question: Is pixel 4a 5G discontinued?

Pixel 5, 4a 5G discontinued by Google — Here are the best alternatives. In a statement to Digital Trends, Google confirmed that the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G are no longer in production and should sell out in the coming weeks following the launch of Pixel 5a (via The Verge).

Will pixel 4a 5G get Android 14?

Not only will this mean that the device will come with all the new features of Android 11, but it will also mean that the Pixel 4a will get the Android 14 update when Google releases it 2023 (expected). Thus, Android 14 should be on the cards for the Pixel 4a if it launches with Android 11 from the get-go.

Is Google Pixel 4a 5G water resistant?

The Pixel 4a 5G UW is rated IP52, using the Ingress Protection rating system. The dust rating is 5, and the water resistance rating is 2 (protected from water spray less than 15 degrees from vertical). The device is water resistant only when the SIM/Memory card tray is inserted into the device.

How do I turn on 5G in pixel 4a 5G?

Switch between 3G/4G/5G - Google Pixel 4a 5GSwipe up.Select Settings.Select Network and Internet.Select Mobile network.Select Preferred network type.Select your preferred option.

Can you turn off 5G on Google pixel 4a 5G?

Like on Samsung phones, carriers can change things on Google Pixel phones as well. For example, a 5G-equipped Pixel on Google Fi cant turn off 5G from the Settings. Other Pixels can, and it works like this. Choose “Mobile Network” (not the “+” button).

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