Question: What ingredients in energy drinks are harmful?

What is the dangerous ingredient in energy drinks?

Caffeine is the main ingredient found in energy drinks thanks to its ability to increase alertness. When consumed in large quantities of more than 400 milligrams per day, caffeine can cause: Heart palpitations. Increased blood pressure.

What effects do energy drinks have on the body?

How do energy drinks impact your body?Increase blood pressure.Increase your risk for irregular heart rhythms.Impact your sleep.Cause weight gain.Cause tooth decay.Contribute to mental health problems.Increase diabetes risk.Cause kidney damage. •29 Sep 2020

What happens if you have too much taurine?

According to the best available evidence, taurine has no negative side effects when used in the recommended amounts ( 11 ). While there have been no direct issues from taurine supplements, athlete deaths in Europe have been linked to energy drinks containing taurine and caffeine.

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