Question: What is calm space?

It is a designated place designed to calm the senses where the student can experience calming visual, auditory, and tactile stimuli. They are designed and furnished to provide an area of low stimulus and provide mindfulness and destressing activities. If a student is acting out, over stressed, upset, etc.

What should be in a calm space?

Try designating a corner in a typically quiet room in your home as your childs new calm down corner. Fill the space with a soft rug or mat, bean bag chair, or other plush options for sitting or lying down, and with some of your childs favorite books, stuffed animals or quiet toys.

How do you make a calm space?

How to Create a Calm Down SpotFind a spot. Find a spot that is quiet and not too busy. Delineate the spot and make it cozy. Start with creating a way to delineate the space. Add some calming tools. Explain and practice. Calm reminder to use it.27 Apr 2016

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