Question: Is Ghost Midas going to be in the item shop?

Many fans expected Epic Games to release Shadow Midas into the item shop, but he unfortunately stayed as TBD and likely was just for the event as a developer outfit only..

Is Shadow Midas gonna be in the item shop?

Unfortunately, you cant get Shadow Midas today. His Shadow-style skin was only available in 2020 if you purchased and completed the battle pass. It wont be available anymore unless Epic Games decides to him back in the Item Store.

Can you get ghost Midas?

Heres how to unlock GHOST Midas in Fortnite. The final week of Fortnites Chapter 2, Season 2 Battle Pass is here. This means that once you complete 18 challenges from last week and this weeks Midas Mission, you get to choose between GHOST and SHADOW for the spy leader.

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