Question: How do you make an accordion using only CSS?

Can you make an accordion without JavaScript?

The process is relatively simple, rather than having a button with an ID, which you then target in JavaScript to show content on click, you can simply use label and input elements. ...

What is a CSS accordion?

Almost all websites contain a CSS accordion in at least one of their pages, particularly if they have a FAQ section. CSS accordion is an exceptional web design feature for its show/hide functionality. These accordion boxes hide a text or information by default and reveal them if requested.

How do I create an accordion menu?

Accordion MenuCreate a menu section using the Box tool from the Quick Tools menu. Then, use Text to add a header, text, and icon.Select the box and other elements and group them with the G shortcut or from the Top bar.Duplicate this section twice and adjust the design and content for each section.

What is HTML accordion?

The accordion is a graphical control element comprising a vertically stacked list of items, such as labels or thumbnails. Each item can be expanded or collapsed to reveal the content associated with that item.

What is the use of accordion?

Accordions shorten pages and reduce scrolling, but they increase the interaction cost by requiring people to decide on topic headings. Share this article: An accordion menu is a vertically stacked list of headers that can be clicked to reveal or hide content associated with them.

How do you collapse in HTML?

collapse class indicates a collapsible element (a
in our example); this is the content that will be shown or hidden with a click of a button. To control (show/hide) the collapsible content, add the data-toggle=collapse attribute to an or a

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