Question: Who is Star butterfly boyfriend?

Oskar Greason. Oskar Greason (voiced by Jon Heder) is an Echo Creek student who is Star Butterflys crush in Season 1. He is usually seen playing on a keytar or in his car where he also resides.Oskar Greason. Oskar Greason (voiced by Jon Heder

What episodes does Tom Lucitor appear?

Tom first appeared in the episode Blood Moon Ball. where he goes to Earth to invite Star to the Blood Moon Ball a dance held by demons once every 667 years and while she rejects him, Tom points out that he has been working on his anger problems apparently going 53 days without getting angry.

Is Marco Diaz a butterfly?

The three main members. The Diaz family immediately consists of Marco Diaz and his parents Rafael Diaz and Angie Diaz. They live in Echo Creek and are the host family of Star Butterfly.

Are Marco and Tom friends?

Introduced as an antagonistic character to Marco Diaz, he has since become a recurring character and one of Marcos friends. From Lint Catcher to Sad Teen Hotline, Tom and Star get together again before breaking up a second time.

Why does Tom break up with Star?

In Sad Teen Hotline, Tom decides to end his relationship with Star due to their differences, and does not even want to be friends with Star anymore. He is unable to leave due to an interference with the portals and is forced to stay with Star on her journey back to Mewni.

Who is the new queen of Mewni?

Eclipsa In Butterfly Follies, Eclipsa becomes the new queen of Mewni after Star relinquishes the throne to her. As queen, she forbids the wrongful imprisonment and mistreatment of monsters.

Does Tom break up with Star?

In Sad Teen Hotline, after going on a trip by himself and doing some soul-searching, Tom breaks up with Star when it becomes clear her life is taking a different direction than his. This time, their breakup is resolved more amicably than before.

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