Question: What does friendship do touhou lost word?

Friends are split into roles to give you an idea of what they do: Defense: Protects the party and utilizes abilities like Focus Up to draw aggro. Support: Buffs the party to make your party stronger. Heal: Restores lost party member health.

What is cp in Touhou lost word?

With each attack, the things to notice are the CP (combat power), the targeting type (single or all), and the elements. The CP of a move is an estimate of how much damage it will do -- a higher number means more damage. Note that the CP number is calculated against the currently selected enemy.

What is Touhou lost world about?

Touhou Lost Word is a Touhou Project-themed RPG playable on a smartphone. An incident has occurred in Gensokyo involving a mysterious lost world. Its up to characters from the Touhou Project, including Reimu and Marisa, to solve the mystery. The game uses Touhou characters who can use various spell cards.

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