Question: How old is Beast Boy?

First appearing in the season one episode Image, eight-year-old Garfield Logan lived with his mother Marie Logan who runs the Logan Animal Sanctuary at Quracs Bialyan border.

What is Beast Boys age?

In the tv series, its theorized thats hes 14-15. Just like the comics, hes supposed to be the youngest member, so it only makes sense for the age range to be 15 and younger. In the most recent adaptation (a live-action version), Beast Boy is 17 with Raven being younger than him by two years.

How old are the Teen Titans?

Trivia. As stated by the crew, the Titans ages are most likely around 16 to 19, since they are able to get their own drivers licenses. All the Titans have died several times throughout this series.

How old is Robin in Titans go?

between 15-18 years old vs Teen Titans, his subconscious mind is full of various versions of himself doing intensive physical training, befitting his egotistical personality. In Real Orangins, during one of his fantasy when he was picking a member according to his age range, it can be assumed that Robin is between 15-18 years old.

Is Beast Boy white?

In the comics, Beast Boy, aka Garfield Logan, is an emerald-skinned, shapeshifting teen with the ability to take the form of any creature in the animal kingdom that hes encountered or seen. In the new live-action series, Beast Boy has green hair, but not green skin.

Is Beast Boy mixed?

The actor playing Beast Boy is Ryan Potter, who is half-Japanese. In short, Beast Boy is a character who is transformative in many other ways aside from turning into every animal alive.

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