Question: Is Good Girls on peacock?

IT. Sadly, because Netflix has global and streaming rights to the show, Good Girls will not be available on Peacock as previously anticipated. Thankfully, as the last episodes of Good Girls air, they are still available for streaming on NBCs website,

Why did NBC cancel Good Girls?

And yet, one month later, Good Girls was cancelled. As is often the case, the culprit was said to be money. “[We] very much wanted to bring Good Girls back for one more season to close out the story,” an NBC insider acknowledged at the time, “but unfortunately we were unable to make the financials work.”

What network is Good Girls on?

NBC Hulu Good Girls/Networks

Is season 5 good girls?

Unfortunately there wont be a fifth season of Good Girls. The fourth season has now been confirmed as the final season for the dramedy. Fans will have to wave goodbye to the Good Girls moms (portrayed by Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman) and their high-risk hijinks in season 4.

Is Rios brother or cousin?

But while Grandma may be the boss, its Rios brother/cousin Mick (Carlos Aviles) -- were still not sure which -- who seems to be the brains behind this familys smooth criminals. We get to see in a flashback how Rio and Mick, as young adults work in a posh country club.

Does Noah turn Annie in?

Noah is the new assistant manager of Fine & Frugal after the the death of Boomer, He is the ex-boyfriend of Annie Marks and the father of Justin. It is later revealed that he is an undercover agent for the F.B.I assigned to become intimate with Annie to uncover secrets.

Who is Rios cousin?

In the last few episodes of Good Girls weve seen that Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks) is running for a spot on city council at the behest of Rios brother cousin Nick (Ignacio Serrichio) or as the girls like to call him brusin.

Who is Rios henchman?

Carlos Aviles Carlos Aviles: Rio Henchman #2 Photos (2)

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