Question: Why do people poop for a long time?

A change in diet, exercise, or stress levels can make people need to poop more often. This should not be of concern if they are otherwise healthy. Typically, a persons bowel habits should return to normal within a few days.

Is pooping for a long time bad?

When you have the urge to go again, you may return to the toilet.” You should spend anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes pooping — anything longer can indicate an issue with constipation. Avoid sitting and straining for long periods of time.

Why do humans take so long to poop?

“Usually, if someone takes longer than a minute [to poop] while also needing to push hard, they are likely constipated,” he says. Constipation is an indication that the diet is lacking fiber and water, so eat more leafy greens, oats, and other high-fiber foods. In addition, drink more water to flush things out.

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