Question: Why do I have to reboot my iPhone so often?

Hardware issues: When the iPhone encounters a drop or water damage, a hardware component failure (such as a power button failure) can also cause the iPhone to continue to restart. Before making any fixes that may lose data, make sure your iPhone data is backed up.

Why do I have to keep rebooting my iPhone?

iPhone restart loops can be caused by issues with your iPhones connection to your wireless carrier. Your SIM card connects your iPhone to your wireless carrier, so removing it is best way to troubleshoot issues where your iPhone keeps restarting.

Why do I have to constantly restart my phone?

If your device keeps randomly restarting, in some cases may mean that poor quality apps on the phone are the issue. Uninstalling third-party apps can potentially be the solution. You may have an app running in the background that is causing your phone to restart.

Is it bad to restart your iPhone a lot?

Theres no evidence from Apple or their documentation that resetting the iPhone is harmful, although they do state that it should be done only when a normal restart doesnt clear the problem. Actually, resetting periodically is a good idea in the same way that rebooting a computer periodically is a good thing.

Why does my iPhone keep showing the Apple logo and turning off?

If your iPhone doesnt have enough charge, itll show up Apple logo but fail to boot up properly. So, plug it and leave it on charging for some time. Then, try restarting to check if it works normally.

Do I need to restart my phone to get LTE?

Restart your device Simply press and hold the power button of your smartphone and then tap Restart. Wait a couple of seconds and turn it back on. Check your status icon, but also test the speed of your LTE connection by opening some websites or downloading some smaller apps.

Does a hard reset delete text messages?

The answer is YES absolutely. The first thing you need to know is the text message wont be erased right away after you factory reset your Android device. It will take a while to overwritten the space your text messages had been with the new data your device updates.

Why is my phone stuck on the Apple screen?

Software issues are probably the most common reason for your iPhone being stuck on the Apple logo. Nine times out of ten, software issues are caused by either a failed software update, using an older version of the Apple iOS or having a jailbroken iPhone.

Do I need to restart my iPhone to get LTE?

The only way to regain the LTE or Wifi connection is to restart. Both time out 10-20 mins later. Let me know if you have any luck restoring to factory settings.

Do I need to restart my iPhone to get internet?

Open Settings and tap General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Then, tap Reset Network Settings when the confirmation pop-up appears. Your iPhone will shut down, perform the reset, then turn itself on again.

Is it okay to turn off iPhone every night?

Smartphones dont need to rest often, but periodically shutting them down and restarting them could benefit your iPhone. But beyond doing it when your iPhone is acting weird, restarting your device every now and then could help prevent these issues in advance.

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