Question: Can Kratos control his rage?

How did Kratos control his rage?

When Kratos finds the Berserkers, a fight breaks out. He taps into his rage to try to defeat them, but they are too strong and too many. Rather than try to fight the Berserkers with brute strength, he destroys their totem, which robs them of their powers and transforms them back into mere men.

How do I activate Kratos rage?

Overview. Spartan Rage is filled up by performing bare-handed attacks, R3 finishers while enemies are stunned as well as taking damage. It is activated by pressing the L3 and R3 buttons simultaneously. It prevents Kratos from using the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos.

Why is Kratos so angry?

A catalyst to his rage throughout the first game, Kratos murder of his own family was a plot concocted by Aries to turn him into a warrior free of human bonds. Unbeknownst to him, they were taken to a village he was tasked with destroying and by the time he realized what hed done, it was too late.

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