Question: Who owns AnTuTu?

AnTuTu (Chinese: 安兔兔; pinyin: ĀnTùTu) is a software benchmarking tool commonly used to benchmark phones and other devices. It is owned by Chinese company Cheetah Mobile.

Is AnTuTu legit?

AnTuTu is a great performance benchmark tool. You should rely on them up to the point that it makes sense. But, real world tests and experience will trump performance scores any day. because their optimized software usually carries them evenly against Android devices with higher benchmark scores.

Why was piano tiles 2 taken down?

On February 20th, Google Security Blog published an announcement, stating that around 600 apps, including Piano Tiles 2, were removed from the Google Play Store for their violation of “disruptive ads policy”. This not only results in poor user experience, Google states, but also the waste of the spends of advertisers.

Why is clean master banned?

These applications were banned citing security and privacy risks. Out of the 59 applications, Cheetah Mobiles Clean Master app was also on the list. There have been numerous reports suggesting that all apps from the company steal user data.

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