Question: What can cause high amylase levels?

What does it mean when your amylase is high?

A high amylase level in the blood may indicate the presence of a condition affecting the pancreas. In acute pancreatitis, amylase in the blood often increases to 4 to 6 times higher than the highest reference value, sometimes called the upper limit of normal.

What medications affect amylase levels?

Drugs that can increase amylase measurements include:Asparaginase.Aspirin.Birth control pills.Cholinergic medicines.Ethacrynic acid.Methyldopa.Opiates (codeine, meperidine, and morphine)Thiazide diuretics.

Does amylase break down fat?

Three different enzymes break down foods: Protease – pronounced “pro-tee-ace” – this enzyme breaks down proteins. Amylase – pronounced “am-a-lace” – this enzyme breaks down carbohydrates. Lipase – pronounced “lie-pace” – this enzyme breaks down fats.

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