Question: What was Maiden Castle used for?

The 4th-century temple gradually fell into disuse and Maiden Castle was used predominantly as pasture. There is evidence for activity on the site in the form of a few post-Roman or Anglo Saxon burials, some possibly Christian, but the hill fort was not reused as a settlement.

What is Maiden Castle in Dorset an example of?

Maiden Castle in Dorset is one of the largest and most complex Iron Age hillforts in Europe - the size of 50 football pitches. Its huge multiple ramparts, mostly built in the 1st century BC, once protected hundreds of residents.

What evidence of the past did they discover at Maiden Castle?

The archaeologists at Maiden Castle uncovered 52 skeletons. There may be more still buried, but only part of the hillfort has been excavated. spear. Four of the people lived on for some time after they were injured.

When did people stop living in hillforts?

The developed hillforts remained in use until they were abandoned round about 100 BC and replaced by a very different type of major settlement, the oppida.

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