Question: What is the highest post in Group 2?

Which is the highest post in Group 2?

TNPSC Group 2 Post-wise Salary 2021Post nameService namePayscaleExecutive officer, grade 2 in town panchayats department, Tirunelveli districtTamil Nadu town panchayat subordinate serviceRs. 19, 500-62, 000 Level-8Revenue assistant in the revenue departmentTamil Nadu ministerial serviceRs. 20600-65, 500 Level-1022 more rows•14 Jun 2021

Which is best post in Tnpsc Group 2?

TNPSC Group 2 – PostsSI. NOGroup 2A PostsNo. of Posts2Steno-Typist in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Secretariat063Personal Clerk in Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission014Assistant in Industries and Commerce Department1305Revenue Administration Department0616 more rows•19 Aug 2021

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