Question: Are uneven bars further apart now?

Through the end of the 20th century, the bars drifted apart as gymnasts began to do more and complex release moves. Most of the bars skills competed before the 80s are now obsolete because of this (iSport). Today the bars remain far apart.

Did they change the distance between the uneven bars?

The bars were changed from all wood to the fiberglass core ones used today, giving them more flexibility. That is also when the bars began drifting farther apart leading to more complex releases. The heights of the bars remains consistent between gymnasts.

How far apart should uneven bars be?

about six feet The apparatus consists of two bars, one about five and a half feet high and one eight feet high, set about six feet apart. As with every event, the top eight gymnasts in the qualifications round — with a maximum of two per country — will advance to the uneven-bars finals.

What is the highest score in uneven bars?

Uneven BarsAthleteCountryScoreSunisa LeeUSA15.300Fan YilinCHN15.233Wei XiaoyuanCHN15.166Nina DerwaelBEL15.1506 more rows

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