Question: Do Aries like to be chased?

One of the reasons that Aries love the chase so much is that it feels like a challenge and a type of competition. If Aries can outmaneuver their conquest, they win. In addition to the Aries competitiveness, they like the feeling of having to think on their feet. Anything that keeps things fresh is good for Aries.

Do Aries ignore when they like you?

Aries are highly energetic people who thrive on excitement in life. They want the magic, the speed, the thrills to continue. However, if youre the one to put a stopper to the thrills of life or are boring for their standards, they will start ignoring you.

How do you turn on an Aries?

If you want to arouse Aries, ask them about their fantasies while sharing some of your own. Sex is a form of escape from the pressures of every-day life for Aries, and they enjoy fantasy between the sheets, Gat says. Tough Aries doesnt get a chance to be vulnerable every day, so keep that in mind.

Do Aries like starting fights?

But if youre an Aries, this probably isnt the case for you. Fiery Aries will not hesitate when initiating a fight with their partner, astrologer Haley Comet, tells Bustle. As an Aries, youre authentic to yourself and your emotions, and dont try to hide what youre feeling from the people around you.

Do Aries know how do you fight?

Aries belong from the short tempered gang. They usually prefer being on their own and dont necessarily look for picking up any fights or conflicts. However, if someone messes with them, be rest assured that things will turn ugly.

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