Question: Is Takahashi ran mixed?

Ran has a mixed ancestry There are speculations that his ethnicity is a mix of Japanese, German, American, and British.

Is ran Takahashi mixed race?

Ran has some American ancestry through his grandfather and his mother is half Japanese, half German. He also has some British ancestry. Ran has one brother, Rui Takahashi who is one and a half year older, and one younger sister, Riri Takahashi.

Where was ran Takahashi born?

Kyoto, Japan Ran Takahashi/Place of birth

Who can jump higher Hinata or Hoshiumi?

Hinata can still jump higher. But for Hinata, Hoshiumi is no different that Karasunos Little Giant, he is a representation of hope. Little Giant(s) show that is possible for small/short players like him can and does fight.

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