Question: What are traits of Aspergers?

What are the characteristics of an Aspergers person?

Symptoms and characteristics of Asperger syndrome include unusual behaviors and difficulty with social interactions, such as: Standing too close to others. Talking incessantly about a single topic and not noticing that others are not listening. Not making eye contact when speaking to others.

How do I get closer to someone with Aspergers?

5 Tips for Loving Someone with Aspergers SyndromeDont put the blame solely on your partner.Learn as much as you can about AS.Reframe your partners behavior.Be specific about your needs.Talk about how youd like to connect with each other.May 17, 2012

Do I have Aspergers or bipolar?

The big difference between Aspergers and bipolar is the manic stage. Individuals with Aspergers will always want to talk about their topic. They may not have that aggravation or anxiety associated with it, whereas someone in the manic stage might.

How do adults with Aspergers behave?

Adults who experience Aspergers may find it challenging to deal with their emotional responses to situations or events. This can cause the person to react inappropriately or have emotional outbursts. People may also have difficulty understanding the emotional experiences of others.

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