Question: What is the easiest difficulty in Divinity Original Sin 2?

Story Mode is available in the Definitive Edition of Divinity and is one of the easiest modes you can play when it comes to the game. It basically contains the story and only the story. This mode has little to no challenges which allow you to experience the fantasy and fun of the game instead of a rigorous challenge.

Is story mode too easy Divinity 2?

Story mode = super extra easy mode to basically negate combat entirely. Explorer mode = Easy, mostly story but combat can occasionally feel like it exists. Classic = Normal difficulty. Youll die if you arent careful, but combat is emphasized.

Can you lower difficulty in Divinity 2?

You can also change the difficulty at any time if explorer ever becomes too easy. At the end of the day, you should always play whatever difficulty allows you to have the most fun. Divinity Original Sin II is an incredible game that you can experience at whatever intensity you like.

What is tactician mode Divinity 2?

Tactician Mode No player alterations. NPCs get +50% Vitality, +50% Damage, +2% Damage boost per/lvl, +50% Armor, +1.5% Armor Growth per/lvl, +35% Magic Armor, +1.5% Magic Armor Growth per/lvl, 10% boost to Chances to Hit. Smart A.I.

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