Question: Is Earth Defense Force 5 a prequel?

Gameplay. Earth Defense Force 5 follows the same gameplay style as the previous 4.1,and by extension pretty much every Earth Defense Force game made by Sandlot. At the start of the game, the player cannot select the difficulties Hardest or Inferno, however this becomes unlocked after beating the game once.

Does Steam have EDF 5?

EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 on Steam. Stand and fight for humanity. This arcade shooter takes place in the year 2022, as the Earth Defense Force fends off an all-out attack by unknown life forms. Become an EDF soldier, battle against endless hordes of immense enemies, and restore peace to the earth.

How many missions are there in Earth Defense Force 5?

110 missions The singleplayer campaign features 110 missions, the highest number of any EDF game to date (not counting DLC).

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