Question: How do you get better fish in graveyard keeper?

How do I improve graveyard keeper graveyard?

Expansion of the graveyard The terrain of the graveyard can be expanded once you acquire 40 friendship points with the Inquisitor. Go to Inquisitor and talk to him. All you need to do is to press the Unlock area button and the terrain will be automatically expanded.

What body parts does the graveyard keeper take?

AutopsyFlesh. -1 White Skull.Blood. -1 Red Skull. +1 White Skull.Fat. -1 Red Skull. +1 White Skull.Bone. No Effect.Skin. -1 White Skull. +1 Red Skull.Skull. +1 Red Skull.Brain. Max -3 Red Skull (selected randomly) Max -2 White Skull (selected randomly)Heart. Max -3 Red Skull (selected randomly) •27 Aug 2018

Who buys hemp in graveyard keeper?

Buy it from Dig In order to buy hemp rope, you have to go to a character named Dig. Shes in the tent and she sells veggies. The location of her tent is shown above. A single hemp rope costs 12 bronze coins.

What do I do with the Graveyard Keeper skull?

Collecting Skulls It allows you to extract the skull, bones and skin during autopsies. You will either need to exhume a body, or wait for one to come in on the cart. Take it down to the morgue, put it on the operating table and conduct an autopsy.

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