Question: What does Scottish thistle symbolize?

Given the legend surrounding the Scottish thistle, the plant clearly connotes bravery, courage, and loyalty in the face of treachery. Thistles vibrant pink or purple color represents royalty and nobility, as well as the nobility of character.

What does a thistle symbolism?

Like its rough exterior, the meaning of the flower is associated with aggressiveness, pain, protection and pride. Since thistle is defined as both a flower and a weed, the exact inference of the bloom can extend from less positive symbolism such as poverty and weakness all the way to qualities of might and brilliance.

What is the name of the Scottish thistle?

Onopordum acanthium Onopordum acanthium (cotton thistle, Scotch (or Scottish) thistle, not to be confused with Cirsium vulgare - spear thistle, which is also known as Scotch or Scottish thistle and is the national flower of Scotland.

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