Question: Why would a doctor order a heart catheterization?

If a screening exam, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG) or stress test suggests there may be a heart condition that needs to be explored further, your doctor may order a cardiac cath. Another reason for a cath procedure is to evaluate blood flow to the heart muscle if chest pain occurs after the following: Heart attack.

Is a heart cath a major surgery?

Cardiac catheterization is not considered a surgical procedure because there is no large incision used to open the chest, and the recovery time is much shorter than that of surgery.

Why would they do a heart catheterization from emergency room?

This procedure is most often done to get information about the heart or its blood vessels. It may also be done to treat some types of heart conditions, or to find out if you need heart surgery. Your doctor may perform cardiac catheterization to diagnose or evaluate: Causes of congestive heart failure or cardiomyopathy.

Do I really need a heart catheterization?

But in general, you are a candidate for a cardiac cath if: Youve experienced chest pain. You have symptoms of heart disease. Youve experienced shortness of breath.

What can go wrong during a heart catheterization?

Possible risks associated with cardiac cath include: Bleeding or bruising where the catheter is put into the body (the groin, arm, neck, or wrist) Pain where the catheter is put into the body. Blood clot or damage to the blood vessel that the catheter is put into.

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