Question: What are the big three anime?

The Big Three refers to three very long and very popular anime, Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. The Big Three was a term used to describe the three most popular running series during their golden age in Jumps mid 2000s period - One Piece, Naruto and Bleach.

What is the original Big 3 anime?

The Big 3 were One Piece, Naruto and Bleach, beginning in 2004—thus, some consider the Big 3 to refer to only those three series and the 2000s period of animanga fandom. The third is more debated—Naruto sequel series Boruto, Fairy Tail, Black Clover, and Haikyuu!! are some that are frequently discussed.

What are the big 4 animes?

Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach are known as the “Big Four.” In some fans eyes, Dragon Ball is seen as the grandfather of Shonen while One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach are known as the “Big Three”. You can find inspiration from each of the “Big Four” in almost all Shonen anime.

Which is the best Big 3 anime?

Which of the big 3 is the best? Everyone has their own opinion on this but from watching all three of these animes, the order I would put them in is Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece.

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