Question: What reacts with dry ice?

The dry ice color show is a chemical demonstration for the formation of carbonic acid (H2CO3) by the dissolution of dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2) into water. Carbonic acid is a weak acid and solutions are not hazardous.

What is the chemical reaction for dry ice?

When dry ice is added, a significant amount of carbon dioxide dissolves in water, creating carbonic acid. H2O + CO2 - ->H2CO3 . The indicator soon responds to the presence of H+; the indicators molecular structure changes so that its electron energy levels are no longer the same, altering its response to light.

What fun things can you do with dry ice?

Here are several dry ice projects:Cool Dry Ice Fog. Andrew W.B. Leonard / Getty Images. Dry Ice Crystal Ball. CasPhotography / Getty Images. Make Your Own Dry Ice. waraphorn-aphai / Getty Images. Frozen Soap Bubble. Inflate a Balloon With Dry Ice. Inflate a Glove With Dry Ice. Simulate a Comet. Dry Ice Bomb. •Sep 12, 2019

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