Question: What does it mean when your foot swells up?

A swollen foot may be caused blood vessel blockage, lymphatic blockage, or trauma from an injury. Other causes of swelling in one foot include skin infections like cellulitis, or ankle arthritis which can also be the cause of one swollen ankle.

What can cause one foot to swell?

But there are also some conditions that can cause similar swelling because they affect the movement of fluids within the body.Venous insufficiency. Phlebitis. Deep-vein thrombosis. Heart failure. Liver disease. Kidney disease. Bone and tendon conditions. Problems with the skin and toenails. •Nov 1, 2018

Is a swollen foot serious?

Swollen ankles and swollen feet are common and usually not cause for concern, particularly if you have been standing or walking a lot. But feet and ankles that stay swollen or are accompanied by other symptoms could signal a serious health problem.

Can diabetes cause one foot to swell?

Swelling is common after eating salty foods and sitting in one position for too long. Some people may also experience swelling due to hormonal changes. However, these arent the only causes of swelling. Diabetes can also cause edema or swelling in the feet and ankles.

What does diabetes look like on your feet?

Although rare, nerve damage from diabetes can lead to changes in the shape of your feet, such as Charcots foot. Charcots foot may start with redness, warmth, and swelling. Later, bones in your feet and toes can shift or break, which can cause your feet to have an odd shape, such as a “rocker bottom.”

Why does my foot feel like its being stabbed?

One of the top causes of stabbing foot pain is plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is the fibrous tendon that connects your toes to the underside of your heel. Plantar fasciitis pain is often described as stabbing pain in the bottom of the foot or heel.

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