Question: How accurate is Fossil heart rate?

The Fossil Sports heart rate monitor is highly accurate. I compared its results with a Polar H10 chest strap and an Apple Watch for a one-mile walk on a treadmill. My average heart rate on the Fossil Sport and the Apple Watch Series 3 both came out to 128bpm, while the chest strap recorded 130bpm.

Are fossil smartwatches worth it?

Verdict. Fossil does make some good-looking smartwatches, and we have to give it credit for that. The Fossil Sport is one of the lightest smartwatches weve worn in a while, which is great, but we just wish it felt a bit more premium and had better battery life, especially when youre paying nearly Rs. 18,000 for it.

Does Fossil watch work with Apple?

Fossil update will allow iPhone users to take calls on Gen 5 smartwatches. The Gen 5 smartwatches run on Googles Wear OS platform, but while the software supports both Android and iOS devices, not all features are offered on iPhones.

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