Question: How old is Iyami?

Iyami is usually depicted as being in his 30s, to where the second -kun sonosheet gives an age of 36 1/2 and the oldest Koredeiinoda site profile gives 36 and 3 months.

How old is Iyami osomatsu SAN?

His overall age may vary according to a work, but he is usually set in his 30s in Osomatsu-kun, with 36 1/2 being specified in a profile on the second sonosheet. Although, the 1988 guide to the series also presents the idea that his age is unknown and that he claims to be only 23..

How old are the brothers in Mr Osomatsu?

10 years old In the Osomatsu-kun (Manga), 1966 TV series, 1988 series, and other related projects, they are usually set as 10 years old and are in the 5th grade.

When did Osomatsu-kun air?

February 5, 1966 Osomatsu-kun/First episode date The first anime adaptation of Osomatsu-kun aired from February 5, 1966 to March 25, 1967 on NET (now TV Asahi). It was produced by Mainichi Broadcasting System, with Childrens Corner handling animation for the first 25 episodes and Studio Zero for the rest.

Is osomatsu San and Doraemon?

Wait a minute, you all say, leaping to your feet and talking in unison like Osomatsu-san s titular sextuplets, Osomatsu-san was created by Fujio Akatsuka , but Doraemon is by Fujiko F. Fujio .

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