Question: Can brow lamination cause baldness?

Over processing the brow hair can cause hair weakness, breakage and damage. Changing the direction of the hair too much can also risk hair breakage and can damage the hair shaft.

How damaging is brow lamination?

Just as perming the hair on your head can lead to dryness and damage, brow lamination could potentially damage your eyebrows in the same way. Your chances are greater if you repeat the process too often, or sooner than 6 weeks. Another more serious risk is eye damage.

Who is not suitable for brow lamination?

Contraindications for Brow Lamination include but are not limited to: Pregnant or breastfeeding – Not recommended for pregnant women as a safety precaution. Using any Vitamin A or Hydrocortisone products (Retinol / E45) – Do not use for 3 days either side of the treatment.

How do you get rid of eyebrow lamination?

Can brow lamination treatment be reversed? Yes if its within 24 hours of the treatment and by washing with water.

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