Question: Is working for Handy worth it?

If you are a overall handy person you can make a pretty decent paycheck I worked maybe 25 hours this week and I will make almost 800 dollars. I can set my own schedule plus I am making contacts that will further my own business. So far I have had only 5 star reviews and all of my customers are very nice.

Is Handy a good way to make money?

On their homepage, Handy states that you can earn up to $22/hour/job as a cleaner or $45/hour/job as a handyman. Apparently, top professionals on the platform also earn more than $1,000 per week. However, this side hustle definitely pays more than your average beermoney job.

How long does it take for handy to review your application?

As soon as youve been approved we send you an email to confirm and you can choose jobs on the pro app. So keep an eye on that inbox! Depending where you are, this typically takes between 1-3 days.

How do you get paid with Handy?

Handy cleaners are paid one of four hourly rates between $15 and $22 based on how highly rated they are and how many jobs theyve worked in the past 28 days. The average cleaner makes around $17 an hour, Handy says.

Does handy report to IRS?

As an independent contractor using the Handy platform, you are responsible for filing and paying your own Federal and State income taxes. Handy does not withhold any taxes on your behalf. If you have questions about filing your taxes, please consult a tax professional.

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